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Wonderful Weekend (Part 1)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Several years ago, Lucy and I told Ehm, our other Dyosa friend, that we would erect a monument for the lucky guy who could win her heart.

"We are young, we run free / Stay up late, we don't sleep
Got our friends, got the night / We'll be alright."
- Circa 2006, after our good friend Ean's gig

Fast forward to more than 10 years later, Lucy and I drove up to Tagaytay to bear witness (!) to our dear friend's most awaited event. :)

Lucy has been based in the US for five years now, pursuing her PhD.  Last time I saw her was in 2008, when we watched Wicked on Broadway and drove back to where she lived near Boston.  Because we haven't seen each other for the longest time, I was wondering whether things would seem stranger for her or for me when we see each other again.

But as soon as she got into my car, all my worries just went *poof* 

For a good 10 minutes, we couldn't bring ourselves to talk. We just kept on hugging and laughing! It was so surreal to hear each other's voice again and find that not much has changed.  She's still the smart, humble, gracious Dyosa I remember.  Memories of the time we spent together as Biochemistry (!!!) students hit us hard.  The long morning ride to Tagaytay was definitely the perfect opportunity to catch up.

Famished from all the chatting (shrieking, mostly) we did on the car, we decided to stop by at Bag of Beans in Tagaytay for a quick brunch.  After all, we were in for an intense and love-filled afternoon and wouldn't be eating until around 5 P.M.  Better stuffed than sorry!

Lucy: (While looking at Taal Volcano)
"I've been to Tagaytay many times before but
I didn't realize it was this beautiful."
After brunch, we headed to a local salon for a quick touch-up.  We didn't dare to experiment with our H&M for fear that we'd do a terrible job.  We're generally ok with working under pressure, but the task of "pretty-fying" oneself is one that we decided to leave to the experts  given that we had very limited time.

And the final results weren't that bad (says us, haha) =p 

After the session, we still had to retrieve our gowns from where Ehm was staying. We also got stuck in traffic for some time and got lost for more than 30 minutes trying to find the house where the bride and her family was---super stressful!.  Good thing we made it just in time to do an ultrafast switcheroo (with no less than Tita Mildred, the mother of the bride, helping us out!)

We drove back to Lourdes Church to meet with the other guests, including Ehm's bestfriend from gradeschool to highschool, Hazel.  The world is such a small place---Hazel knows my boyfriend J from way before; they used to be Comm 3 classmates at UPD!

Statuesque and gorgeous ladies Lucy and Hazel :)

Since we were still a bit early, we squeezed in a few crazy snapshots before the wedding.

Duckface! =D
When Ehm finally walked down the aisle, I couldn't help but cry.  She looked absolutely elegant and beautiful in her gown!

Our dear doctora tied the knot with the dashing Migs Joaquin in a beautiful Filipiniana-themed wedding. 

Reception was then held at the newly-opened branch of Ibarra, where we had sumptuous Filipino fare.  Lucy and I were also asked to do an impromptu speech!

Congratulations and best wishes to the newly-minted Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin!!!
Bliss! <3 <3 <3

The rest of the night was spent partying with the newlyweds, Ehm's equally gorgeous sister Kris, and some members of their family at Tides, Tagaytay.  As if the deadly lechon we had for dinner wasn't enough, we feasted on chicharong bulaklak, sisig, nachos and alcohol (er, juice for me because I'm a lightweight and I still needed to drive back home, boo :-o ) like there's no tomorrow.  Yes, #buwisbuhay food at its finest!

Lucy and I got home past 3A.M. and I seriously do not know how I managed to keep myself awake, considering the early morning call and all the running around we had to do all day.

Oh wait, I remember, Lucy kept me entertained!  (but she'll kill me if I ever talk about how she did it, so I'm keeping my lips sealed... for now)

I love love love these two girls to bits! Next time we meet, I bet there'll be even bigger updates. :)

P.S. Lucy, if you ever get to read this, I'm just kidding :D
P.P.S.  Miggi, I'm warning you. By marrying Ehm, you got two +1s. You'll be hearing a lot from us so you better be good, hihi.

To forever,

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