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Monday, 2 April 2012

Whenever I feel physically spent, one of my favorite de-stressing solutions is to go to the spa. But when the cost of going to a "real" spa is in itself, a potential source of stress, I resort to my other quick fix option: a visit to our local blind massage and reflexology place. :)

My favorite "get well" hang out.

I know, it’s not for everyone. Some people regard the services as "cheap" (admittedly, some are just stationed in public plazas and kanto corners), and I've also met some people whom when invited, react as if blindness is a communicable disease (why?!?!).

To each his own, I guess, but I personally have no problems with blind massages. In fact, I actually quite like it. Some researchers say that to compensate for the loss of one’s sense of sight, the sense of touch in a blind person is somewhat heightened. Thus, trained blind massage therapists are said to have a keener ability to sense the tensions in the client’s body and are therefore, better at kneading those sore, tired muscles.

Of course this theory isn’t fool-proof. I’ve had my share of forgettable blind massages in the past.  But for the most part, I find blind masseuses to be more attentive to areas where I need help. Even my mom and dad (who himself, knows a bit about massages) are clients of a blind local massage place in Batangas.  They even used to have a resident suki who drops by our place every so often to provide home service.

It’s a decent job, I believe, and one that I don’t mind patronizing.

One other thing I like about getting blind massages is the interesting and somewhat challenging conversations  with my therapists. I don't usually like talking when I'm getting a massage but so far, my chats with each Ate had been far too interesting to pass up.

For instance, there was this one time when my therapist Ate Marivic traced my arms, shoulders and waist with her hands.  “Ang sexy niyo pala Ma’am,” she said.  I twinged and chuckled at her sense of humor.

BUT! this wasn't the main reason why I found that experience memorable (promise!) =D

As she moved towards my forehead, she asked if I had any make-up on since she might mess it up. I said I had a bit of brow powder, but I'll take care of it if it ever gets smudged, and that it was alright since I was heading home anyway after our session.

Then she started asking about colors.  What was my hair color like? Was the shade of my locks the same as my eyebrows'?  Was my brow powder in pink or red, the only two "fancy" colors she remembers?

Ate Marivic was born blind in her left eye and the visibility on her right eye was down to 20%. She could hardly see anything except when it's extremely close (six inches to a foot), much less recognize beyond shades of gray. So there I was, flinching and thinking how to best explain about hues!

In another instance, my other attendant, Ate Roselle asked me about directions. She is totally blind on both eyes, and she has to rely on a guide to bring her to and from work.  She asked where I lived; I said somewhere nearby, about 10 minutes away by car.

Her next set of questions caught me unprepared.  If she were to walk, how many steps would she need to make it to my house? To which direction? What are the landmarks?

Suddenly, for someone who thinks she's relatively "ok" at giving directions, the task didn't seem as easy.

Now I know why I enjoy blind massages very much.  I do not only get to relax physically, but I am emotionally and mentally stimulated as well. Such amazingly strong and powerful women!

Haha, I just had to take this shot! =p

Getting a blind massage is a fantastic time to see things differently, to rethink what it means to be a person with disability.

Care to give it a chance?



Saan ito?


Rhea Alba

Purpleshock! Harrison Plaza, hahaha. THE place to be, lol (kasing tanda ko na yung building, haha) :D


nice article there, girl. will drop by to check the place out. You make it sound so nice :)

Rhea Alba

hi reader! :) thank you, hope you get to enjoy the experience!

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