Lippy Level

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

People say that the number of lippies you have is generally, a good indicator of your kikay level.

For instance, if you have at least one lipstick, then you can already be classified as kikay. But if you have two lipsticks, then you are kikay to the second level. And so on and so forth...

Then I suddenly realized, uhhhh...

Kikay to the what level?
(And this isn't even the complete set yet, haha)

I love my MACs and YSLs like I love my Maybellines. I adore my NYXs as much as my Human Natures. It doesn't matter whether it's Lancome, Revlon, Fashion 21 or whatever Korean brand. As long as it's the right color and formulation, then I don't mind giving these magical tubes a try.

In my defense (haha), I don't think this can be tagged as an obsession. Obsession is like that case of a teenage girl who was obsessed with Louis Vuitton bags, hoarded a thousand pieces, and convinced her her parents to buy a flat as storage for these luxury bags.... right? :s

Right. Fine. Maybe I'm just a 'little' loco over lippies. Safe. Harmless.

Thing is, I used to suffer from anemia as a child. Wait, was it just anemia? Mom used to tell me it had something to do with my bone marrow not compensating and red blood cells  not maturing on time; I was too young to understand. But all I'm sure of is that I used to get the "bakit ang putla mo?" (why are you so pale?) question a lot. Growing up, I would have annual 'reunions' with the laboratory for my CBC, just to keep my RBCs in check. (No trypanophobia, yo!)

Must have been the reason why when I learned all about lipsticks, well, it was practically love at first swipe. For many it might seem really superficial, but I think, one shouldn't underestimate the power of color. It's amazing how color can brighten one's day! :)

I'm partial to hot pink lips and sometimes, to bright orange-y hues.  I have a classic, resplendent red  (MACs Russian Red) in my stash (a must!) which I reserve for very special occasions; as an ex-officemate once told me, this kind of red needs to be "earned" by its wearer. In the hierarchy of lip colors, it's way up there in terms of required confidence, haha.

Lately though, my appreciation for nudes have grown.  Now that I'm pretty sure my RBCs are healthy and stable, I don't worry as much that I would look ghostly (and ghastly) in more muted, sheer tones, yay!

So... wanna go lipstick-shopping with me? I promise, I've done this so many times with friends. And whenever I see how flattering a color is on them, I can't help but gush. It's a fun girl-bonding activity! :)

P.S. In my defense (again, haha), many of these also came from friends.  It helps exercise my memory;  each shade helps me remember the people who gave each lippy to me.  :D


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